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Welcome !

You've come to the right spot if you are looking for an experienced native English writer and translator. I specialize in translating and editing books, fiction or non-fiction.
Books present the greatest challenge for a translator, and to meet that challenge, to produce an outstanding translation, I depend not only on my writing and language skills, imagination and experience, but also on my ability to dive into a world created by another author, and concentrate day after day on bringing that world to life in a new language.

My French to English literary translations stand out from the crowd for several reasons:

    * I specialize in literary translation. From my writing background and years of general translating, I've gained a wide understanding of translation and now practice it as a literary art.

    * Because I speak and write French fluently, I can express the true meaning of phrases. But because I'm a native English speaker, my translations don't read like translations!

    * A long-time writer myself, I understand the "nuts and bolts" of writing. I know structure, plot, characterization, POV, etc. My method is to first read a book, as many as three times, with intense concentration to visualize the story and truly understand it. Then I translate, page by page, expressing the style, the culture and the beauty of the author's work. This done, I revise and revise until the work is polished and true. Revising is the heart of my work.

    * I'm a trained journalist, meaning I respect deadlines. Plus, writing for many different magazines, newspapers and websites, each with its own style guide, has taught me how to adapt my tone to that of the given media. This helps me translate the 'feel' of a book, to preserve the author's voice.

I look forward to translating for you!        


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