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  References / Testimonials

Annette Werther - Foreign Rights Editor
Librairie L'Atalante
11 & 15 rue des Vieilles-Douves
44000 Nantes, France


Hugo Verlomme - Author & Editor

Concerning French-to-English translator Teia Maman
Testimonial of Hugo Verlomme

"I am a writer, journalist and editor. I've published more than 30 works: essays and and novels for adults and children, most of them consecrated to the ocean, and I often work as an editor. Having lived many years is western Canada, English has become my second language. I've had occasion, at different times, to collaborate with translators, and over the years I've been particularly appreciative of the projects I've completed with Teia Maman, of my works translated from French into English.
Whether it was translating a technical book about the ecology, or a young adult book, or a fantasy novel with the sea as its setting, Teia has always submerged herself into the style imposed by the particular subject, and to find the right words in the vocabulary best adapted to the Anglo-Saxon culture.
A writer herself, she knows how to render a text as poetic or rigorous as demanded. She is also someone who has travelled, who has navigated the seas, who writes and works with her hands, and thus earned a legitimacy in measure with all she has experienced. Teia is a person who is easy to work with as far as communication and human rapport, and "last but not least," you can count on her bringing in work before the deadline."


Yaël König - Publisher 
Editions Yago
68-70 quai de Jemmapes
75010 Paris, France


Nelly Betaille - Journalist, Editorial Staff 
Marions-Nous ! Magazine
5 bis rue Faÿs
94160 Saint-Mandé, France


Bruno Magnes - Editor
CDC Magazine
Paradise Océan, Lot 74
40130 Capbreton, France

"I was completely satisfied with the translations. The spirit of the original texts was perfectly rendered."


Alexandre Ponot - former Global Communications Manager
Merignac, France

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