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At Home you will learn about French English Literary Translation and about Teia Maman, Literary Translator.

To read the life history of a Literary Translator, go to Biography.

Click on CV to read Teia Maman's Curriculum vitae, or résumé. Her education, professional experience and a list of books she's translated are detailed here.

The page called Websites gives info on how you can easily grow traffic to your site by adding a French-language version -- another service offered via this site.

Just go to the Contact page to reach a message form, so you can ask for a free estimate or get answers to questions about literary translation.

At References, you can get in touch with a few of the clients Teia Maman has worked for as a translator.

If you'd like to read some of her work, click on Samples. These are recent translations that have been published or are being considered for publication:
Teia Maman provides a place where literary translators and people looking for a translator to translate their texts can share anecdotes, suggestions and tips about their work: Check it out at Forum.

To further explore literary translation, please look through a list of sites she has compiled: Links. This list will grow quickly! Your links relating to writing and translating are welcome... Just contact Teia Maman to exchange links. 

              Thanks for exploring french-english-translator.com !

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