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Considering a French version of your website?

Multilingual websites attract more visitors and increase your search-engine ratings.

* "What about free translations on the web?" you may ask. They can help to get the gist of, say, an email. But to translate your website or other documentation, you run the risk of damaging your product or service because these machine translations can be inaccurate and ungrammatical, and they can garble your message to the point of being ridiculous and even offensive, giving potential clients a poor impression. Plus, the personality of your product or service will not shine through!

* I translate your website into French in partnership with a native French speaker. Together, we localize your website: we create your page titles and tags, links and URLs using ideal search terms, ones that potential French clients would naturally use. We also gear the level of formality to fit your client base, adjust currencies, weights and measures, and take cultural differences into account.

* As a website creator myself, I can also maintain your site, making changes and updating information in the French version of your site when you need them. When new clients from French-speaking regions contact you, I translate their messages and your responses, helping you create new business.

* Adding text to a website in an unfamiliar language can be tricky. Many web developers and editors are not confident about adding translated text into websites, even when they have paid for the translation. To solve this problem, I work with your website team to correct errors before and after uploading, or upload the pages myself, as I have considerable experience working with websites.

Please contact me for a free estimate.

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